Base Fabric Swatches

Below you will find our newest fabric in a variety of our most consistently used base colors. Plenty of additional colors available in this fabric (and others) for specialty matching or unique color usage. I can matching almost any color so if you need to match an existing pad or wardrobe piece please contact prior to ordering. This fabric shown is a mid weight stretch polyester/spandex blend that is perfect for showmanship jackets, horsemanship tops and slacks. It hangs nicely and allows for good fit and comfort while showing and is a great base fabric for your applique jackets and simple chic tops!

I will no longer be mailing samples out for color matching on your end. A color in a specific fabric sent may be unavailable later at time of order. If you need color matched please contact and send in paint swatch cards in that match the colors you need. I will then color match in person with what fabrics and colors are accessible at that exact time. I will only mail samples on existing orders that need to use for boot matching etc.

These fabrics are not available by the yard


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