Black - Silver - Grey - White: Designer Code: AZMU
Black baseApplique work in silver, grey and white 
Front or Back Zip
Detailing is the same on front and back
Collar detailing will compliment body detail This design is made to fit. After purchase, please fill out the measurement form found on the website. Please know all pre-designed pieces listed on the website for ordering are made as shown and made to reflect the concept image as closely as possible. Please allow for minor adjustments to design layout, as final size may effect it slightly. All jackets can be made to fit small fry, plus size and everywhere in between. Measurements must be recieved within 12 months of purchase or all funds associated with the order placed are forfieted. I no longer postpone orders beyond 12 months due to lack of submitted measurements. The sooner measurements are submitted, the sooner the item will be made in coorespondence to the time frame at time of purchase.  All items are made in order of purchase recieved so long as measurements are recieved by the time the outfit is to be made. If measurements are not recieved by the time it is to be made, outfits then listed in line to be made next will be made until measurements for your order are recieved. I will email prior to making your order if I do not have measurements, as a reminder...I know life can get busy!Refunds are no longer given on orders. No exceptions. If you need to postpone your order due to an unfortunate life circumstance, please contact me. I do my best to work with my clients.  IF THIS COLOR COMBO IS TO BE MATCHED TO YOUR PAD OR EXISTING WARDROBE PIECE, PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR TO PURCHASE THEN MAIL IN  MATCHING PAINT CARD SWATCHES. This will allow me to refine the color matching in person. PLEASE CHECK THE HOME PAGE FOR CURRENT COMPLETION TIME FRAMES PRIOR TO ORDERING - THIS WILL BE UPDATED WEEKLY AFTER EACH ORDER PLACED.  If you are not seeing your colors, please email with your color combination/style request to discuss options.  All orders now require payment in full at time of order. 3 PRICE OPTIONS:DIY - UNEMBELLISHED made as shown and comes assembled, fitted and ready to embellish.WEEKENDER - moderately embellished with around 3 thousand crystals plus some oversized jewels. Perfect piece for a little now with room to add more later.WORLD CONTENDER - comes with 5 thousand + crystals and oversized jewels. It is comes ready to hit the pen at the major world shows and futurities. NEED SLACKS OR A SOLID SHIRT TO MATCH? Order them right here on the website! We use a mix of swarovski, preciosa and high end glass crystals to bring your embellished jacket to life. If you're looking for past work examples, please take a few moments to browse the website.

Black - Silver - Grey - White: Designer Code: AZMU

  • Due to the nature of the product, there will be no refunds on pre-designed website pieces. Please check the home page for current completion time frames, this will be kept updated weekly as orders are placed.

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