June 2022 UPDATES

It has been quite the busy year! Finishing up spring customs, moving to our new acreage home and back to work now in June. Due to my ever changing and always busy schedule with family, I will be drastically limiting my calendar slots for custom orders and only booking out one month at a time. I am now booked for June. Custom order slots for july will be available starting the last week of June. Please keep an eye out on the FB business page Tandy Jo Show Apparel for the latest available pieces. I will be designing up only a few applique jackets a month, a few boleros and a handful of SimpleChic tops that can be edited to your colors and made to fit.  Don't forget to join the email subscriber list as well to keep up to date on the latest offerings. 

Be sure to check out the Ready To Ship page to see the latest pieces that are made and ready to head out the door. 

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