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Custom Orders

From Concept to Reality

If you are in search of something unique or need to match to an existing outfit or saddle pad, please email to begin the design process. You may also message the Facebook business page HERE (preferred).


Day shirt designs and showmanship designs shown here on the website can be edited to your preferred color combo. Each day shirt design will now only be made once in that exact color layout but can be made again in another color combination. Showmanship jacket designs will not be repeated again in any other color combo, they are a one-of design. If you see a SMS jacket design you like but it has sold, contact me so I can design something similar but unique in its own. Once your item is designed and colors picked your item will then be added to the website for you to purchase. There will be a 7 day purchase window in a reserved status. After 7 days it will be com publically available for purchase. 


Pieces that will be custom matched to an existing item in your wardrobe will not be added to the website until I receive paint swatch cards to confirm matching is available. There is no guarantee any item will match your existing wardrobe unless I am mailed color samples. There will be no refunds on orders. And no refunds give if when you recieve your item, it does not match because color samples were never sent.

All day shirt designs can be made as a Showmanship jacket, please contact me prior to purchase so I can be sure to note that it needs made in an appropriate slightly heavier base fabric. Otherwise, all day shirts will be made in a light to mid weight fabric more appropriate as a tuck-in shirt.


I am no longer offering no-deposit or partial deposit on custom orders. All items are paid in full at time of order beginning fall 2023.

Swatches of fabrics and materials are no longer sent to the client. Due to ever changing availability of fabrics, leathers and ultrasuedes, the only way to color match with available materials is for you to mail me paint swatch cards (the free paint cards from a home improvement store) from which I can match to materials available at that moment in time. Please contact for mailing address. Once paint card swatches are received, swatch set options will be emailed or messaged to you.

Once your design and colors are picked, your item added to the website as a RESERVED listing. You will have 7 days to order. After the 7 day period, it will be publicly available to purchase.





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